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Nero Mobile
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Nero Mobile
Пакет Nero Mobile предназначен для воспроизведения и упорядочивания мультимедиа-контента на смартфонах и КПК. Nero Mobile умеет работать с фото, аудио и видеофайлами, позволяя просматривать их и организовывать тематические подборки. Контент доставляется на устройство со стационарного медиацентра посредством протокола UPnP. Также доступно прослушивание онлайнового радио и просмотр телевизионных интернет-трансляций. В Nero Mobile реализована поддержка таких медиа-форматов, как MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 Video, High Efficiency AAC v2 Audio, MP3, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SP/ASP, Ogg Vorbis и многих других.

Nero Mobile is an outstanding content-centric media solution which transforms mobile phones, portable media players (PMPs), and PDAs into true feature-rich mobile media centers. Nero Mobile closes the gap between home and mobile environments by providing direct mobility to your favorite music and videos. Direct support for Nero Mobile multimedia capabilities is available within Nero 7 Ultra Edition ENHANCED Suite.

* Unique user interface that has been carefully designed and optimized for best possible multimedia experience
* Multiple designs (2D and 3D icons) are available, depending on the power of the target multimedia device
* Built-in media library considerably simplifies content access
* Available on Windows Mobile 2003 and 2005 Platforms



Now you can take your favorite videos and movies with you every where you go. Nero Mobile delivers the highest quality surround sound and high definition images to your mobile entertainment center. Full screen size video player, with complete support of MPEG-4 SP/ASP, H.264/AVC and Nero Digital™ video. Nero Digital™ not only provides the superior audio and video capabilities of standard MPEG-4, but also chapter navigation and subtitles


Break away from yesterday’s portable music standards. Nero Mobile gives you the freedom to enjoy your music on the go and in any format you prefer with an audio player supporting multiple play lists, song & artist information, and even album art for the entire music collection on the mobile phone* or PDA*. The latest HE-AAC v2 audio formats provide superior quality while having the smallest possible file size, making them ideal for mobile content delivery. Supported formats include LC-AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, 3GPP, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis audio decoding


Wherever you go, you can surround yourself with family, friends and special moments! Nero Mobile’s photo browser supports slide shows and enables users to share their digital pictures with friends and family. Watch your photos with background music and slideshow effects on your TV with a portable device that features a TV-out


Nero Mobile makes it easy to customize your photo, video, and audio files into simple-to-access collections. Users can create, organize, and drag-and-drop their audio, video, photo, and TV/radio files into special media collections that support shuffling, random playback, and easy content searching with the mobile media library.
Nero Mobile also supports browsing and streaming over UPnP™ Networks. Play files directly from your home media center, such as Nero MediaHome.

TV & Radio

Upcoming feature: Soon you will be able to watch your favorite TV programs and hear your favorite radio broadcasts on your mobile phone. Receive TV and radio broadcasts from numerous streaming sources (HTTP/RTP streams over 3G/GPRS data networks, DVB-H and DMB channels, etc.)

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А диски нарезать можно с помощью этой проги? lol
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А почему не в CАВ архиве? :)
Как на смарт его по другому поставить! :(
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Извините, но файла, который Вы запросили, не существует.
Возможно, он был удален, либо Вы воспользовались ошибочной ссылкой."
Шо за фигня????????????? am

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